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Artist Statement

My process begins with explorations of form through drawing, which allows me to define the world in my mind in a visual format.  I translate these explorations into sculptures to realize their physical presence in space. Clay is my material of choice because of its flesh-like ability to fold, crease, and bulge – referring to body anatomy. It is an extremely tactile material that has been used by queer artists as a mode of expression throughout history. I explore how joy and pleasure are tools of resistance against the violence that the queer community experiences daily.


My forms express a desire for comfort, play, safety, and autonomy. They are nebulous objects given vitality through hope of a brighter future and the manipulation of my materials.  By shifting between drawn images and the physicality of clay, I create a growing world where I explore how my body and other queer bodies exist in the environment. Making my art is physically demanding and I put all my care and love into this work. It is a labor of love that nourishes my spirit.

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