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I grew up in the marshy areas of mid-Michigan. I have a passion for nature that drives my work into areas of sculpture and drawing. I primarily work with clay, fibers, and various drawing techniques. My works often revolve around the body and its experiences as a vessel in space. My sculptures and drawings portray beings that are playful and curious, reflecting my own inquisitive nature. The forms I create pull from my experience as a queer person growing up in a conservative environment, but also how that relates to the delicate ecology of the natural habitats in which I immerse myself. 


I have taught ceramics classes to adults for over eight years. I achieved my BA at Saginaw Valley State University with honors, Magna cum Laude in 2015, and was accepted into the Graduate Fine Arts program at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington in 2020. I graduated with Master of Fine Arts in May 2023.

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