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Buntkakkes arose from a desire to learn mold making and slip-casting with porcelain. I am interested in the connections between ceramics and food and the long history of storing and preserving our resources in clay vessels. I chose a classic Bundt cake pan as they are very decorative, decadent, and garish. With a little humor I reference body orifices with their form as well. This led me to exploring mass produced craft goods as well as their commoditization. I explore how the visual qualities of my work translate into experiences of joy and pleasure.

These sculptures refer to food, sugary sweetness, celebration, consumption, and decadence. They are meant to be debauched and overwhelming to the viewer. The slips, underglazes, and glazes I used are highly textural, often appearing as thickly layered frosting or oozing sugary icing. I reference drag and queer culture in glamorizing these sculptures. I found the use of tulle, glitter, finger condoms, miniature rubber chickens and hot dogs, and fake gems to enhance the overall experience with the Buntkakkes. The chickens and hot dogs, the condoms, and creamy glazes all reference sexuality; euphemisms for male reproductive anatomy and ejaculate. They are meant to be humorous and give a shock of joy to my viewer.

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